Incoming! The most exciting iOS and Android games for October and beyond


Incoming! The most exciting iOS and Android games for October and beyond

So, it's now officially October. September has been and gone and we've bolstered our iTunes and Google Play libraries with dozens of new games and apps.

It's been a strong year for mobile gaming so far, and it doesn't look like that's about to change.

Over the next few months, we're expecting to see a Game Dev Story-esque simulation with a Star Trek style, a new Infinity Blade-meets-Borderlands 2 title from Glu, and an experimental social app from Fable designer Peter Molyneux.

Although we're expecting the following games to land on iOS and Android over the coming weeks, unexpected delays, last-minute changes, and Apple's strict approval process may hinder things.

By Johnny Two Shoes - coming to iPhone and iPad in the near future

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Prevail, much like Johnny Two Shoes's Plunderland, is a side-scrolling title that features Scribblenauts-style graphics and Grand Theft Auto-esque action. Well, sort of. You can jack UFOs, basically.

The aim of the game is to rescue your buddies, who've been abducted by unidentified flying objects. As the video above shows, this involves blowing stuff up.

Rescue Rush
By Supermono - coming to iPhone in the near future

According to Supermono, the London-based developer behind Forever Drive, Rescue Rush is the world's first "out and out arcade Location game". What does THAT mean, then?

Well, the game uses your phone's GPS to create unique levels based on your real-world location, and fills these levels with roads, buildings, lakes, and parks.

You then have to help the game's protagonist (a rather large cat) escape from the evil scientists that are out to catch him.

By Alpha Dog - coming to iPad soon

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This Crescent Moon Games-published dungeon-crawler is reminiscent of Gameloft's earlier Dungeon Hunter titles, and also looks similar to Chair's forthcoming Infinity Blade Dungeons (see below).

You're a hero, whose job in this "whack-and-smash experience" is to save humanity from destruction by whacking and smashing the stuffing out of goblins and werewolves.

Peter Molyneux's Curiosity
By 22Cans - coming to iPhone and iPad soon, Android at a later date

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Curiosity is less of a game and more of a social experiment.

Essentially, you (and thousands of other players) will chip away at a single giant cube by tapping on your device's screen. The centre of the cube contains a prize that will apparently "change your life forever".

Curiosity has already been submitted to Apple's App Store approval team, so it should be just around the corner. An Android version is also being worked on.

Star Command
By War Balloon Games - coming to iPhone, iPad, and Android "this summer"

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We love Star Command for two reasons.

Firstly, it reminds us a lot of Star Trek. Secondly, well, it reminds us a lot of Star Trek. Its management gameplay is also similar to that of Kairosoft's range of titles, which can only be a good thing.

This title gives you control of your very own spacecraft. You can pack it full of medical bays and equip it with powerful weapons before you set off into the most dangerous reaches of space.

By Stainless Games - coming to iPhone and iPad "soon", Android in 2013

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Carmageddon was originally released for the PC back in 1997, but was subsequently banned in several countries due to its gory nature.

It's a racing game, of sorts, in which you speed around open-world courses and earn points for driving over helpless grannies. Apple is going to love this one.

Real Racing 3
By FireMonkeys - coming to iPhone and iPad before the end of 2012

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First things first, Real Racing 3 won't reward you for running down pensioners.

This racer is all about following the correct driving line, accelerating out of corners, and giving other cars just a tiny nudge.

A time-shifted multiplayer mode will allow you to compete against your friends using iOS 6's new Game Center challenges feature.

Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition
By Overhaul Games - coming to iPad on November 30th

Before developing Mass Effect, BioWare worked on a dungeon-crawler called Baldur's Gate. It's now regarded as a classic, so you've probably heard of it.

This enhanced edition features an entirely new chapter, which results in over 80 hours of gameplay. It also contains new characters and a multiplayer component.

Infinity Blade Dungeons
By Chair - coming to iPhone and iPad "soon"

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Infinity Blade Dungeons isn't like its hack 'n' slash predecessors. It's still powered by the awfully impressive Unreal Engine, but its gameplay is more Diablo than Punch Out!!

Your mission is also different this time around. Instead of battling your way towards a large beast like the God King, you must craft the infamous Infinity Blade. Good luck.

Jet Set Radio
By Sega - coming to iPhone, iPad, and Android "this summer"

Sega's Jet Set Radio featured in our September round-up, but I'm ruddy excited about it coming to mobile devices, so I'm including it here, too.

In Jet Set Radio, you have to join a rebellious gang called The GGs and fight with rival gangs and the fuzz to gain control of a fictional city.

Anthony Usher
Anthony Usher
Having flirted with a career in Forensic Science, Anthony left university to pursue other interests. These mostly consisted of video games which he has been fond of ever since popping Super Mario World into his SNES. Numerous gaming platforms and endless hours of button bashing have passed following that moment, with iOS taking the crown as his current favourite.