Incoming! The most exciting 3DS and PS Vita games for August 2013

Disney Infinity! Rune Factory 4! Divekick! Rayman Legends!

Incoming! The most exciting 3DS and PS Vita games for August 2013

Oh, my. If you own a dedicated handheld console, then you better have a word with your bank manager now. That bank balance of yours may be in trouble, boy.

That's because there's going to be a number of essential 3DS and Vita games released over the next four week. And I mean ESSENTIAL.

We're talking brand-new games, ports of classic indie games, AAA stonkers, and more.

They say that the summer of '67 was the Summer of Love. The summer of '13, however? Well, that's the Summer of Handheld Video Games, my friend.

Let's check out what you'll be buying this month, then.

Family Kart 3D
By ARC style - coming to 3DS on August 1st in the US

All I know about this one is that it's a Japanese "lighthearted racing game" with a definite whiff of Mario Kart about it. Whether it'll actually be any good or not remains to be seen.

Disney's Planes
By Behaviour Interactive - coming to 3DS on August 6th

This is a movie game tie-in, of course. In it, you take control of the planes from the film of the same name, and fly through rings, collecting items in the sky and generally being a plane.

Mario & Luigi: Dream Team
By AlphaDream - coming to 3DS on August 11th in the US

You already know what we think about Mario & Luigi: Dream Team, since it was released in Europe a few weeks ago. The bottom line is this: if you live in the US and you have a 3DS, you really need to buy this game as soon as it's available.

Rune Factory 4
By Neverland - coming to 3DS on August 13th in the US

The latest instalment in this classic Japanese RPG series is finally getting a release in the US this month. Europeans, however, can expect to wait another year for it. Blame the localisation process for that.

Phineas and Ferb: Quest for Cool Stuff
By Majesco - coming to 3DS on August 13th in the US

Based on the popular Disney channel cartoon Phineas and Ferb, this is no doubt going to be a fan service platforming game aimed at kids who love the TV show.

Disney Infinity
By Avalanche Software - coming to 3DS on August 18th in the US, and August 20th in Europe

This is a ginormous release about which you've probably heard. It's essentially Disney's own Skylanders, albeit with Disney figureheads instead of Spyro characters. Could prove to be loads of fun (and very expensive, especially if you have kids.).

Etrian Odyssey IV: Legends of the Titan
By Atlus - coming to 3DS on August 30th in Europe

We reviewed the US version of Etrian Odyssey IV earlier this year, and thought it was genuinely good fun. Well, this RPG is heading to Europe. Great stuff.

Harvest Moon: A New Beginning
By Marvelous - coming to 3DS on August 30th in Europe

Here's another Japanese game that's finally landing on European shores. Harvest Moon: A New Beginning is entertaining once you get past the long initial slog. If you're a fan of the series, you'll no doubt have a ball with it.

Dragon's Crown
By Atlus - coming to PS Vita on August 6th in the US

This is a side-scrolling beat-'em-up that bears more than a passing resemblance to Golden Axe. There's a range of characters from which to choose here, and the setting is most definitely fantasy based.

Little Acorns
By Chillingo - coming to PS Vita on August 7th

Originally a mobile game, Little Acorns is heading to Vita via PlayStation Mobile. It's a shame that it's not the souped-up version that was released on 3DS, but this remains an enjoyable game.

Floating Cloud God Saves the Pilgrims HD
By Dakko Dakko - coming to PS Vita on August 7th

This brilliant PSP game is getting an HD makeover and then getting fired onto the PS Vita this month. It's basically a shmup in which you kill enemies and save your worshippers.

By One True Game Studios - coming to PS Vita on August 20th

Divekick is a hilarious fighting game in which you only have two buttons (dive and kick). Having already played this one, I can tell you that it's going to be massive. Mahoosive, in fact.

Real Boxing
By Vivid Games - coming to PS Vita on August 27th in the US, and August 28th in Europe

Punch! Block! Punch! Real Boxing is a game about rings and fists and black eyes. It looks rather gorgeous, too, but will it knock YOU out with its visuals? Ahem.

Rayman Legends
By Ubisoft - coming to PS Vita on August 30th in Europe, and September 3rd in the US

I don't know about you, but I've been waiting for this particular platformer for what seems like agessss. Given how incredible Rayman Origins was, August 30th cannot come fast enough in my book.

Lone Survivor
By Superflat Games - coming to PS Vita in August

A post-apocalyptic survival-horror game that is super, super creepy. If you don't think it's possible to be terrified by a heavily pixellated environment, try this on for size.

By Mossmouth - coming to PS Vita in August

When Spelunky debuted on Xbox 360 last year, I spent a solid few weeks playing this procedurally generated roguelike over and over again. That is until my eyes, hands, and brain could not take any more. With this PS Vita release heading my way soon, I worry about a relapse.

By Vlambeer - coming to PS Vita in August

From the creative minds behind Super Crate Box comes this arcade dogfighter focused around whizzing through the air, stalling your engines, and firing off hot lead into the nearest fighter. It's going to get steamy.