Incoming! Our most anticipated iPhone, iPad, and Android games for October and beyond

Bears! Zombies! Soviets! Sean Bean!

Incoming! Our most anticipated iPhone, iPad, and Android games for October and beyond

We've just said 'sayonara' to September (and crowned our favourite Android and iOS games).

Now, it's time to welcome in a new month, and another influx of hotly anticipated mobile games.

If these games stay on schedule, it won't be long until we're slugging bears, shooting zombies, taking Moscow, and pumping Lord Stark's dulcet tones into our earholes.

Obviously, the following release dates are subject to change. But this should give you a good idea of what to look forward to over the coming weeks.

Fist of Awesome
By I Fight Bears - coming to iOS and Android on October 17th

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Punch a deer, slug a bear, kick a stag in the family jewels. All worthwhile preoccupations in this long-awaited pixel-art brawler.

You play as Tim Burr, the last free man in a world dominated by woodland critters. Now, you must beat up every mammal in sight with the help of your talking fist.

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By Simogo - coming to iOS soon

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Year Walk and Beat Sneak Bandit creator Simogo has got something new up its sleeve.

DEVICE 6 is a psychological text adventure (likely inspired by developer Simon Flesser's binge-watch marathon of '60s show The Prisoner) where the written word is your map. Whatever that means.

We'll know more soon, as the game has been sent to Apple for final review.

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By Bulkypix - coming to iOS on October 10th

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An engrossing Limbo-like puzzler where a colon rolls through the history of the written word.

Trundle over Egyptian hieroglyphics, and solve simple physics conundrums while collecting moveable type letters.

Hey, it's more fun than trawling through Wikipedia.

Dead Trigger 2
By MadFinger - coming to iOS and Android on October 23rd

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The first Dead Trigger sure was a looker, but gunning down zombies quickly became rote and repetitive.

With incoming follow-up Dead Trigger 2, MadFinger hopes to fix that via enormous boss monsters, helper characters, locations that stretch from Shanghai to Africa, and a crowdsourced storyline that is affected by the actions of every player.

It will also be free-to-play from the word go.

Autumn Dynasty: Warlords
By Touch Dimensions - coming to iOS in October-ish

Autumn Dynasty Warlords

This game's developer describes this sequel to painterly RTS Autumn Dynasty as a 4X game (as in, "explore, expand, exploit, and exterminate").

You play a warlord looking to unite China so it can fend off foreign nasties. Look forward to taking on quests, building cities, hiring new generals, and allying yourself with different factions.

Papa Sangre II
By Somethin' Else - coming to iOS soon

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The first Papa Sangre was an unnerving audio-only horror game in which its creator used 3D sound to generate a world of monsters and death.

Developer Somethin' Else is back for Round 2, and this time it's brought Game of Thrones actor (and death expert) Sean Bean along for the ride.

Here's hoping it's ready for Halloween.

By 22Cans - coming to iPad and Android soon

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Peter Molyneux's spiritual successor to Populous is heading to iPad and Android tablets soonish.

In this game, you are cast as a god who spends most of his time terraforming a lumpy landscape so tiny people can settle down.

A beta version of Godus is already available on Steam early access, where it has been branded as a bit of a brainless click-fest that's more likely to give you RSI than enjoyment. But, hey, it's only a beta.

Even Up
By Simple Machine - coming to iOS on October 24th

Even Up

This is a new puzzler from Circadia and 4 Thrones dev Simple Machine.

Here, you snap together tiles that show equal numbers until only one tile remains. And when you combine tiles, the numbers increase by one.

It means thinking several moves ahead, and trying different combinations. Another fun timewaster, in which it looks like you'll be able to create and share your own levels, too.

Drive on Moscow
By Shenandoah Studios - coming to iOS soon

Drive on Moscow

Shenandoah's promised Battle of the Bulge follow-up El Alamei is taking longer than expected ("there was a reason that the Germans lost," Sheandoah's Bradley Cummings told me).

To ease the pain of the wait, here's an incoming war game where the Germans need to capture or cut off Moscow, while the Soviets need to defend their city.

The game will contain a larger map than the one in Bulge, and will feature weather effects - like mud and ground frost - that will change the dynamic of battle. Should be out soon.

Epoch 2
By Uppercut Games - coming to iOS soon

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Scrappy cover-based robot shooter Epoch was good fun. This sequel should be even better.

Uppercut Games adds new enemies (like flying drones), new moves (like a melee strike), multi-tier battlefields, and a Gears of War-style active reload system.

Epoch 2 should be longer than the original, too. You needn't wait long: the game is "almost finished".