Hot Five: Lots of Cyber Monday sales, GRID Autosport drops, and The Frostrune goes free for the first time

The hot - hot - HOTTEST stories on PG this week

Hot Five: Lots of Cyber Monday sales, GRID Autosport drops, and The Frostrune goes free for the first time

It's been a better week news-wise this time around, and it's been interesting seeing what stories you guys thought were the coolest.

Between flash sales and a BUNCH of new releases, hold on to your hats and put on your sunscreen. It's about to get hot in here.

Cyber Monday sales are killer

From Black Friday to Cyber Monday, we saw some brilliant deals his the App Store and Google Play, including these 36 titles. Though most, if not all, of the sales are now expired, it was a good ride while it lasted. Let's hope we get some brilliant sales around Christmas to rival it, eh?

The Frostrune was free

Any of you that were around back when The Frostrune came about, you may remember me being in love with this game and I still stick by the Gold Award I gave it. From a historically accurate setting to the incredibly beautiful audio/visuals, those who picked up this game for free sure as hell got a bargain.

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GRID Autosport finally drops on iOS

It's been a long time coming and Feral Interactive's AAA racing game, GRID Autosport, has arrived iPhone and iPad at last. Of course, don't get overly excited about its appearance if you've got anything older than a 2016 device. It's likely the App Store will turn you away at the door with a broken heart. We thought it was pretty nifty though, giving it a shining Gold Award for its troubles.

A whopping list of new games

This week's been another successful turnaround with more and more games that I just don't have the time in the day to play, though I wish I did. With a selection of board games, psychological horrors, quirky arcade games, strategic puzzlers, huge RPGs, and racing games, I'm sure you'll find something to your liking.

Eight-Minute Empire is a steal

Because we really, really love board games, and evidently so do you, the news that Eight-Minute Empire was going cheap was well received and no wonder. At £2.99/$2.99 that's a whole lot of competitive, tactical gameplay for just a couple of quid, eh?

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That's it for yet another week, one and all, and jeez Louise is the time just flowing by.

Christmas is in just a few weeks, but we've got a bunch of icy cold weather (for most of us) to get through first before we can enjoy some time to literally do nothing and enjoy the excuse to be lazy. Oh? Just me?

Until next Sunday, folks.