Got 12 hours to spare? Here's the complete video of our GameBlast15 stream for SpecialEffect

Half a day of video games and banter

Got 12 hours to spare? Here's the complete video of our GameBlast15 stream for SpecialEffect

At 9AM on Friday 20th February, James and I embarked upon a 12 hour marathon gaming session for charity, which was all part of GameBlast15.

People in the chat asked us to archive all 12 hours and jot down every game we played, so that's exactly what we've done, the culmination of which you can see below: half a day of chat, just under 50 iPhone and iPad games, the entire AppSpy and Pocket Gamer streaming crew, plus a very special guest.

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Hour 1, James and Peter
Kingdom Rush [App Store link]
Plants vs Zombies [App Store link]
XCOM: Enemy Unknown [App Store link]
Flight Control [App Store link]

Hour 2, Peter and James
Knights of the Old Republic [App Store link]
Bastion [App Store link]
Superbrothers Sword & Sworcery EP [App Store link]
Monkey Island 2 [App Store link]

Hour 3, James and Glen
Limbo [App Store link]
Mikey Hooks [App Store link]
VVVVVV [App Store link]
Rayman Jungle Run [App Store link]

Hour 4, Peter and James
Modern Combat 5 [App Store link]
Groove Coaster Zero [App Store link]
Touchgrind Skate 2 [App Store link]
80 Days [App Store link]

Hour 5, Peter and Lonnie
World of Tanks Blitz [App Store link]
Minecraft: Pocket Edition [App Store link]
Slamjet Stadium [App Store link]
Hearthstone [App Store link]

Hour 6, James and Danny
Final Fantasy VI [App Store link]
Dragon Quest VIII [App Store link]
Monster Hunter Freedom Unite [App Store link]
Ghost Trick [App Store link]

Hour 7, Peter and James
Where's My Water? [App Store link]
Super Crate Box [App Store link]
Jetpack Joyride [App Store link]
Cut The Rope [App Store link]
Hitman GO [App Store link]

Hour 8, Peter and James
Super Hexagon [App Store link]
Punch Quest [App Store link]
Tiny Wings [App Store link]
Peggle [App Store link]

Hour 9, James and Peter and Harry
Pocket Gamer Podcast - We didn't include the video on this one, and have provided the edited audio version instead, but it's much nicer that way. Oh and if you fancy giving us a review and rating you should pop over to iTunes.

Hour 10, James and Peter
FTL: Faster Than Light [App Store link]
Wayward Souls [App Store link]
Broken Sword [App Store link]
The Walking Dead [App Store link]

Hour 11, Peter and James
Canabalt [App Store link]
Space Invaders Infinity Gene [App Store link]
New Star Soccer [App Store link]
Soccer Physics [App Store link]

Hour 12, James and Peter
Monument Valley [App Store link]
The Room [App Store link]
Year Walk [App Store link]
Room 2 [App Store link]


A huge thank you to everyone who donated to SpecialEffect via our JustGiving link, if you'd like to chuck a few more bucks their way you can do so here. Oh and it goes without saying that any competition prizes mentioned during the stream are all gone.

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Peter Willington
Peter Willington
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