Get involved! The PG Community Round-up (13/05/13 - 27/05/13)

The hottest topics, biggest site announcements, and more

Get involved! The PG Community Round-up (13/05/13 - 27/05/13)

Good day, Pocket Gamer community. How the devil are you all?

Yes, indeed, it's time once again for a round-up of the best comments and conversations on PG over the last fortnight.

Plus, we'll be gathering up all of the major site announcements and competitions and turning them into one totally delicious article. Yep, this one.

No more dillying, no more dallying, and if I see any of you shillying or shallying, I'll be ruddy peeved. Let's jolly well get started, then, eh...

The Mass Debates

1. Which is better: 3DS or Vita?

The PG team had a chat about their gaming habits recently. Naturally enough, a debate ensued on the respective merits of the 3DS and the Vita. You got stuck in, too.

Matthew Wilson piped up first, saying that "the 3DS only has a handful of titles I REALLY enjoy, and it's primarily an emulator machine for me at this point." Elronza Williams agreed, adding that "anyone who says the Vita lacks games is lying to themselves [sic]."

Th_Mssngr, meanwhile, stated that he was "loving the 3DS right now", while Lee Hobson provided a balanced argument by stating that "both machines offer such different experiences. 3DS is fun, but the Vita satisfies my hardcore gamer side".

What do YOU think, though? Let us know here.

2. Google Play game services met with tepid response:

During Google I/O 2013, The Big G unveiled its promising-looking Google Play game services.

For one thing, cross-platform play between Android, iOS, and the web is no longer just a pipe dream. For another, Google Play game services looks like a genuine rival to Apple's iOS Game Center service. You can read up on it here and here.

@xiotex noted that this "is very exciting news - I could do with this service right now", whereas Josh Dombro said "I don't love the fact that this will make Google+ that much more important and necessary. I do, however, love the ability to play games cross-platform, so I guess it's a necessary evil."

Waii Hui just wasn't impressed, though: "Google should focus on making life easier for game developers to making games for Android." Contest Chris merely labelled Google's new social gaming service an "epic fail".

What do you reckon? Let us know here or here.

3. Active Soccer vs Super Soccer Champs 2013:

Finally, it was all - ahem - kicking off in the comments section underneath our review of Active Soccer. Our man Jon Mundy liked the game, giving it a 7/10, but opinion was split among the PG community over which is better: Active Soccer or Super Soccer Champs 2013.

ButchMC said, "I tried to like Active Soccer, it's just not got very good controls." Curtisrshideler somewhat agreed: "this is good fun too, it's just SSC hits the spot for me."

@DeanFaccini replied in defence of Active Soccer, but did concede it had flaws: "there are a number of things that could do with improving".

Whose team are you on: Active Soccer's or Super Soccer Champs 2013's? Tell us here.

Get stuck in!

Gamer X has been a busy bee over the last couple of weeks, no doubt!

Firstly, our Gamer X Fruit Ninja competition came to a dramatic close late last week. See how the very best players from around the PG universe duked it out here.

Prizes are still up for grabs in our Gamer X Impossible Road competition, mind. If you think you're a bit of an expert at this game, head on over here and register in the manner outlined for a chance to win some truly unique prizes.

We've also been asking you to create some "portal mayhem" in Angry Birds Seasons in exchange for awesome prizes, Guess what? You absolutely delivered. See all of the entries by clicking on this link.

Finally, there's some BestAppEver.com news. Yep, the winners of the Best App Ever Awards for Android have been announced. You can see the complete list of winners right here.

Phew! Loads of stuff to be getting on with there. I'll leave you lot to it while I make a lovely pot of tea.

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