#Developconf: All the games at the Big Indie Pitch

Sorting out the good from the not-so good

#Developconf: All the games at the Big Indie Pitch

Develop has been and gone, and we at Pocket Gamer got the chance to play some pretty great games - and some less great games.

Luckily, there was much more of the former than the latter. Particularly at the Big Indie Pitch which we hosted on a nice and mild evening on the south coast of Blighty.

We've already announced the winner, second place, and runners-up but what about the other games? It's high time we talked about them.

So read on to get a lovely little round-up of all of the games we had the pleasure - (sometimes) - of playing at Develop 2015.


Modsork combines the twin-stick controls of Brothers with the visual aesthetic of Geometry Wars to create a new type of shooter altogether.

In fact, there is no shooting to speak of. Instead, you have to use your joysticks to maintain a laser-like connection between two dots and, effectively, clothes-line your enemies.

It's fun, it's clever, and it's the right sort of challenging.

Princess to the Rescue

Princess to the Rescue is a cute little puzzle-platformer with a Braid-like aesthetic.

It's aimed at a younger audience so the puzzles were simplistic for the most part, requiring you to gather and combine items to navigate the world.

And what a delightful-looking world it is. The visuals are clearly inspired by art produced by children so it absolutely relates to its audience.


15T is a reaction-based numbers game in which you have to tap the numbers in ascending order as fast as you can.

Make a mistake and you lose one of your three hearts so you have to be fast and focused or it's game over.

There are a few game modes, including a Tetris-style one in which the numbers drop from the top of the screen. You have to be poised and ready for the next number in the sequence to arrive.

Curry Goat Revenge

Curry Goat Revenge is a hectic endless runner in which you're a goat getting revenge on his friend who has been tragically turned into curry goat.

So you're on a rampage to headbutt as many members of the human race as possible while dodging crates and other obstacles on the way.

It'll be free to play with plenty of customisation options for your rampaging goat.

Vostok X

Vostok X is a highly ambitious space shooter for the PS Vita in which you have to create your own spaceship and travel between planets blasting away intergalactic foes.

There's a lot bubbling away under the surface here, including a collection of NES-style minigames and lots of upgrades and customisations for your ship.

This one's coming to Vita so keep an eye out.

Totem Topple

Totem Topple is a vertical tower defence game in which you have to build a totem pole out of a series of heads and attach wings that will attack the enemy in a variety of different ways.

You're defending against spinning spikes that aim for the base of your totem pole so you have to use the wings to destroy them before you get there. Building higher totems increases the number of spinning spikes so you're better off finding the sweet spot.

Each time you drop a head or attach a wing, the options scramble which keeps things frantic by preventing you from planning ahead.


Elementales is an isometric puzzler in a similar vein to Monument Valley or Poco Eco.

There are four different characters each based on a different element that you tap to navigate around the level. Tapping and holding the screen allows them to use a unique ability, like a flame blast for the fire elemental.

You have to use these to open up pathways and gather enough gold to pay a boatman who is waiting to transport you between levels.

Deck Bound Quest

Deck Bound Quest is a card-based roguelike set on a series of tiles in an eery world of mist and darkness.

You swipe up to move your character around and tap a card on the bottom to use it. Most of these summon ghostly creatures that will attack any enemies that try to kill you.

Only three cards can be drawn out of your deck at any one time so you'll have to work with what you've got. It's a pretty challenging game.

Freak Factory

Freak Factory is an arcade game in which you have to create as many freak heads as possible on screen to achieve the highest score and climb the leaderboards.

You hold your thumb on the screen and direct where you'd like the ball to go (think snooker) and then release to fire it in that direction. It will bounce off anything it touches until it loses momentum.

At this point the head will grow until it touches something. If one touches the barrier on the bottom of the screen, it's game over.

Tap Tournament

Tap Tournament is a four player multiplayer game played on a single iPad in which you have to tap to swing your sword into a fireball to fling it towards an enemy player.

There are power-ups which you have to drag towards your character before another player does. One of these increases the speed of the next fireball you hit with your sword.

Red Game Without a Great Name

Think Badland meets Limbo meets Kirby and throw in lots of red and you've got a loose idea of what Red Game Without a Great Name is all about.

You swipe the bird protagonist to make him teleport around the screen, using this to push buttons and avoid obstacles. Meanwhile, the camera is moving pretty rapidly around and if you fall off screen it's game over.

It seemed pretty frantic and plenty of new mechanics were introduced as we moved from level-to-level.


Pixelate isn't so much a game as a painting simulator. You're given a pixelated picture and have to reproduce it while a timer counts down.

There's a colour palette on the bottom of the screen full of a variety of different colours.

Dungelot 3

Our triumphant and thoroughly-deserved winner was Dungelot 3. The third in the Minesweeper-style RPG series was polished, fun, and very easy to pick up and play.

You play as a muscular hero with a massive hammer and must tap on a tile adjacent to one you've already activated to discover what's lurking there. It could be a coin, an enemy, or nothing.

Tapping performs pretty much every action in the game, like collecting coins or attacking enemies. It was a lot of fun and was very well-animated.

Sky Scrappers

Sky Scrappers is Super Smash Bros. on a falling tower that you have to navigate by jumping between falling bits of building.

You can whack your opponents with your weapons to hinder their movement or, well, kill them. It's pretty frantic.

The controls were a little bit like Dustforce but with a larger focus on combat and survival. It's coming to PC and consoles, but a Vita version might appear.

Mucho Party

In second place was Mucho Party, a single device iOS collection of multiplayer games.

You take a picture to create a character with your own face and then participate in multiplayer games. A couple of examples include a Frogger-style battler and a platformer in which you have to collect an item at the top of a tower while hindering your opponent.

Neon Caves

Neon Caves was hardcore. You fire to propel your character around the screen and use an anchor to stop moving so you can direct your attacks into enemies.

Oh, and you do all of this while dodging their own attacks.

During the first few rounds you'll most likely die in mere seconds but if you're into challenging arcade games you'll find a lot to love here.

MMA Fighter

MMA Fighter was probably the best looking game we played at the BIP but this came at a consequence. Those loading times were loooonnnnggggg.

When we did get into the game we discovered a well-animated turn-based card battler featuring popular MMA fighters.

Wild Pony

Wild Pony is a 2D endless runner in which you play as a cowboy who must shoot all opponents that appear on the screen before they shoot him and he loses health.

You tap and hold to direct where you fire your gun and can take about three attacks before you lose one of your three hearts. This one was pretty rough, so perhaps a good idea to wait for a future BIP if your game is still very early in development.

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