Best new iOS and Android games this week: Voyageur, Solid Soccer, Maze Lord and more

Planets, puzzles, and PC conversions

Best new iOS and Android games this week: Voyageur, Solid Soccer, Maze Lord and more

Hello there, fellow pocket gamers. Looking for something decent to load up on your smartphone or tablet this weekend?

You've come to the right place. Allow us to run through the best and most interesting games to have hit the App Store and Google Play Store over the past seven days or so.

If this week's selection has a theme, it's ingenuity, with time and gravity bent to the player's will. Clever stuff.

By Loju - buy on iOS / buy on Android

This beautiful puzzler puts the power of time manipulation into your hands, leading to lots of clever isometric head-scratchers.

Slayaway Camp
By Blue Wizard Digital - buy on iOS

A fairly typical block-sliding puzzler with an atypically gory setting, Slayway Camp puts you in control of a psycho killer straight out of the '80s VHS nasty era.

By Alexander Johansson - download on iOS

Narcissus is a super tough auto-running platformer that sees you controlling two characters at once. Alternatively, you can get a second player in to help you out with some co-op action.

Digby Forever
By 3 Sprockets - buy on iOS

Digby Forever shamelessly riffs on the classic Dig Dug template, which finds you digging for gems in an endless cavern. It's one of those timelessly moreish arcade experiences.

Hidden Folks
By Adriaan de Jongh - buy on iOS

Hidden Folks is essentially a hidden object game, but with none of the cheesy presentation we've come to expect from the genre. Instead the game is filled with beautiful monochrome sketches that appear to have been lifted from a colouring book.

Island Delta
By Noodlecake Studios - buy on Android

Freshly launched on Android after its December iOS debut, Island Delta is a brilliantly constructed third-person action puzzler. Instead of firearms, you must blast through the game's challenges using an ingenious gravity gun.

Jon Mundy
Jon Mundy
Jon is a consummate expert in adventure, action, and sports games. Which is just as well, as in real life he's timid, lazy, and unfit. It's amazing how these things even themselves out.