Best mobile games to play this Valentine's Day - The Lovers

Playing games with your heart

Best mobile games to play this Valentine's Day - The Lovers

February 14th is Valentine's Day. This much is true regardless of your relationship status, state of mind, or view of cynically concocted celebration days.

Will you be spending this Valentine's Day trading novelty gifts and drool with a loved one? Here are some cute and amorous games to reflect your sickeningly saccharine outlook.

Don't worry - we'll be getting around to an equivalent list for you haters soon enough.

Space Team

What better way to celebrate your water-tight relationship than with a game that requires - no, demands - close cooperation with another person in the same room?

Space Team may not have the most romantic set-up - you're cast as the crew of a rickety space ship - but the way you need to coordinate with your nearest and dearest is bound to strengthen your bond. At the very least, it'll leave you both in a fit of giggles.


Everyone knows that the best game when you're going out with someone is air hockey - as long as you rein in your natural competitive edge and avoid smashing the puck into your sweetheart's face.

Pktball is basically air hockey adapted and enhanced for mobile. But it's much better for a Valentine's Day celebration because you have to share the same device, which means you're much closer. Not being in a fetid arcade helps with the romantic mood, too.

Mucho Party

Mucho Party is a game that's designed from the ground-up to be played with other people. It's less than half the experience when you play it on your own, and roughly twice the experience when you play it with someone you really like.

Yes, it's a mini-game collection. But those mini-games are delightfully realised, and positively encourage the kind of physical finger-warfare that can only lead to romantic entanglement. Or a big fight. One or the other.

Heart Star

It's a game called Heart Star. It involves a cute pair of completely co-dependent characters, whom you must switch between in order to get to the level exit. Each level is decorated by a mass of love hearts and stars, for crying out loud.

Come on, of course we were going to include it in our Valentine's Day round-up.

Love You To Bits

Yes, there's the obviously romantic title. But Love You To Bits is the perfect game for true Valentine's Day believers regardless.

It's art style is unbelievably cute for one thing. Plus, its quirky tale of gallantry is adorably romantic, as your hero pieces together the separate bits of his robot lover. Okay, so that sounds a lot creepier than it actually is.

Jon Mundy
Jon Mundy
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