Be our 1000th Twitter follower and win £20 of Amazon Vouchers

Hurry up, there are only 55, nope, make that 54 places left...

Be our 1000th Twitter follower and win £20 of Amazon Vouchers

A short while ago, we asked if any of you would like to join us on Twitter. Hundreds of you said yes. After a while, we asked again, but this time we promised that if you became our 1000th follower, you'd be rewarded with a £20 Amazon gift voucher.

Well, the hour is nigh and with 946 followers, there isn't long to go until we crown the winner of this competition.

So what are the tactics going to be? Are you all going to rush forth and hope for the best. Or are you going to bide your time, keeping a keen finger poised over the refresh button, waiting for the ideal moment to pounce?

We couldn't possibly comment on which will be the more successful tactic, but we urge you to plump for the former - simply because it will net us more followers.

Not that following our Twitter page isn't its own reward. Every day it's updated with dry and informative tweets about our daily comings and goings and it's stocked to breaking point with links back to all of your favourite Pocket Gamer news, previews, features and reviews as and when they happen.

Think of it as Pocket Gamer fun-size but without any bothersome meltyness if you leave it in your pocket (on your phone naturally).

Consider yourself well and truly primed on this competition, then. Remember, the editor's decision is final and Pocket Gamer employees can't enter. For the shrewd among you, all that's left to do is decide what to spend the winnings on.

Good luck!