Angry Birds movie: 6 more iPhone games worthy of the film treatment

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Angry Birds movie: 6 more iPhone games worthy of the film treatment

It may have seemed like a long lost announcement from 2012, back when people were still interested in Angry Birds, but Rovio recently announced an Angry Birds film nonetheless.

It's going to be called 'Angry Birds,' in case you were wondering.

This got us to wondering what other iOS games might be worthy of the CGI movie treatment. Not so easy when even many of the better games out there lack distinctive character or wider appeal.

But we reckon these seven iOS properties could make interesting movies with the right team on board.

Okay, so most of them would be truly awful. But hey, if you can go to Hollywood with a tale of catapulting birds against solid buildings, the sky's the limits.

Monument Valley
Voiced by: Chloe Moretz as the princess, Andy Serkis as the crow people

You've got the stunning, distinctive vistas, the quirky pointy-hatted protagonist, and the zen music. What more do you need to give a struggling scriptwriter to go off?

Okay, so the squawking crow-faces might make the kids cry, and that twistily impossible Escher universe will probably make half the audience vomit in their popcorn, but you can't deny it would be unique.

Ice Breaker: A Viking Voyage
Voiced by: Daniel Radcliffe as the young viking, Andy Serkis as the trolls

This one's as close to a no-brainer as it gets. Nitrome's ace physics puzzler has got memorable characters - a cute rabble of domesticated vikings - an outstanding hand-drawn art style, and an lovably 'orrible cast of troll villains.

Just about the only thing Ice Breaker doesn't seem to have, inexplicably, is an Angry Birds-sized mass following. Boo!

Monsters Ate My Birthday Cake
Voiced by: Emerging child-star of the moment as Niko, Andy Serkis as all of the friendly monster

Monsters Ate My Birthday Cake already looks a bit like a cartoon as it is, such is the high level of artistry and sheer character of the game.

We can imagine this film having a bit of a Where The Wild Things Are vibe to it, as the cute little moppet Niko pals up with a bunch of monsters and sets off on an adventure across a strange fantasy land.

Kingdom Rush
Voiced by: Any old british thesps or former Game of Thrones actors looking for a pay day, Andy Serkis as the big bad

We can imagine the Kingdom Rush property being used as a kind of My First Lord of the Rings, telling an epic tale of warring armies in a high fantasy world - but with a light tone and tongue firmly in cheek.

Ironhide has already done so much of the ground work in creating a living, breathing world for its finely balanced tower defence games to inhabit. It even fleshed out the narrative element in Kingdom Rush Frontiers.

Jetpack Joyride
Voiced by: Josh Brolin as Barry Steakfries, Andy Serkis as the hapless scientist

We're not sure it would make for a particularly well-rounded or nuanced film, but what adolescent boy wouldn't want to see a guy flying around with a jetpack-machine-gun hybrid strapped to his back?

Okay, so a fair few 30-plus journalists would quite like to see that too.

Traps n' Gemstones
Played by: Chris Pratt as the adventurer, Andy Serkis as the potentially treacherous guide of vaguely foreign origin

It's pretty high concept stuff, but imagine a film - a franchise of films, even - in which a fedora-wearing, whip-wielding hero scraps his way through a series of ancient tombs filled with diabolical contraptions, fighting venomous snakes and the odd supernatural occurrence in a bid to secure invaluable relics.

Not convinced? Fair enough. It was a long shot.

Jon Mundy
Jon Mundy
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