All the upcoming Apple Watch games worth waiting for

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All the upcoming Apple Watch games worth waiting for

Note: Now the Apple Watch is out, most of the games that were on this list are actually out. Find them in our huge list of notable games you can download foor Apple Watch.

But there are way more on the horizon. From companion apps for current games to whole new experiences made exclusively for the watch. These are the ones worth looking out for.

Zombies, Run! - by Six to Start Zombies Run

Zombies, Run! is a running app and audio adventure. You plug in your headphones and instantly hear zombies that are dangerously close, inspiring you to run. The Watch app will let you see your progress without having to get your phone out.

BlastBall Duo - by Monkube Blastball

This is the smartwatch edition of the BlastBall puzzle franchise. It's designed for 1v1 play and features the same puzzle mechanics as Monkube's latest game, BlastBall Max.

Ingress - by Niantic Labs Ingress

A smartwatch companion to MMO Ingress is coming to both Apple Watch and Android Wear. You'll move around the real world and stare at your watch, hoping to discover and tap energy sources, find items, and deploy technology to capture locations.

Stella's Journey - by Gravity Software Stella

File this one under "cautiously optimistic". Gravity Software reckons it can turn your Apple Watch into a controller for its iPhone platformer, Stella's Journey. It could be a great way to stop your fingers obscuring the screen. It could be an uncomfortable disaster. We'll find out.

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Chris James
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