All the Apple Watch games you can get right now [Updated]

Hatchi! Runeblade! FIFA 15! Watch Quest! Modern Combat!

All the Apple Watch games you can get right now [Updated]
Updated on April 30th, at 17:00: We've added a few more games worth looking at. Any take your fancy?

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Yes, you read that right. The Apple Watch can play games. This wrist-worn computer isn't just about fitness and calendar updates - it's also a brand new gaming platform.

And as mobile games are something of a speciality around these parts, we thought it was worth wrapping up all the new Apple Watch games (that you need to bother yourself with).

All of the games on this list are available right now, as updates to existing iPhone games. Want more games? Here are upcoming games worth waiting for.

Watch Quest - download Watch Quest

How do you fancy a proper RPG tucked away into a tiny screen? You'll manage your kingdom and hero's equipment with your iPhone but send them out for hours-long adventures on your Watch.

Watch this Homerun - download Homerun

Eyes Wide Games wants to bring many sports titles to the Watch, and this is its first. It's baseball condensed down to whacking back balls with an accurately timed tap, but with leagues and leaderboards for those who can ace the art of smartwatch batting.

Mu - Watch Pet - download Mu

Expect a lot of virtual pets on the Apple Watch. Like Mu - a cute blue blob who can look after on your Apple Watch. But developer Moolion says this is more RPG than Tamagotchi. You can also get notifications from Mu and check his vital stats from the Glances menu. Tamagotchi Classic - download


It was only a matter of time, right? The update to Tamagotchi Classic lets you "check on your Tamagotchi's status and take care of it on your Apple Watch", which includes "sending it to the restroom or feeding it."

Dungeon Monsters - download Dungeon Monsters

A creaky old maze explorer, like we played in the 80s. But this time it's on your wrist. you'll explore a dungeon, fight monsters, and find magic potions. "Gold won on the Apple Watch is multiplied by two," says the developer.

Poll Party - download Poll Party

A game where you try to guess what's popular in the world. You'll pick your favourite from two things, but then bet on what the most popular choice will be. If you get it right, you'll win… uhm…

Walkr - download Walkr

A health conscious game that encourages you to walk to explore a galaxy. Your steps, recorded on the Apple Watch, will be converted into rocket fuel (just go with it) that will propel a tiny craft to new and unusual places. Sounds like hard work.

Best Fiends - download Best Fiends

Seriously's match-three puzzler now has a spin-off mini adventure where you'll get to send your little friend Temper out to explore Minutia, in the hopes of uncovering valuable loot. Any rewards you find will be transferred to the iPhone game.

FIFA 15 Ultimate Team - download FIFA 15

You can now bring this football belter to your Watch. An bonus companion app lets you "manage your top 5 player transfers and get instant notifications right on your wrist," according to EA's patch notes.

Battle Camp - download Battle Camp

Battle Camp is one of them monster-battling puzzle MMOs that all the kids are talking about. But this one lets you raise a Tamagotchi-style pet on your Watch. You'll need to keep it fed, happy, and well-rested. And if you evolve your pet to the maximum stage you'll get a bonus goodie in Battle Camp proper.

Lifeline… - download Lifeline

This sounds interesting. It's a branching narrative that plays out in real-time, and asks you to make weighty decisions solely through Apple Watch notifications. The story, written by comic author Dave Justus, is about the last surviving astronaut after a crash landing on an alien moon.

TouchFish - download TouchFish

You can now look after the world's ugliest fish via your wrist, with new Apple Watch support. You can take care of fish directly from the watch, or just receive notifications and take quick actions if you dont have much time.

Hatchi - download Hatchi

This cute, retro-styled Tamagotchi alike now has an Apple Watch app so you can look after your monster when "you are in a high powered meeting". Because that sounds productive.

Minecraft Explorer Pro - download Minecraft Explorer

You can now browse crafting recipes from the comfort of your wrist, and get resource information for Minecraft's mobile, PC, and console editions. You can even use voice search to quickly find the right page. Hey Siri, how do I make a crafting table?

Trivia Crack - download Trivia Crack

If flashing your smart, expensive, new watch at people wasn't enough to elevate your position, then perhaps proving your superior knowledge is. Trivia Crack throws, well, trivia questions at you, giving you multi-choice answers that you select by tapping on them.

Rules! - download Rules

TheCodingMonkeys provides tiny brain workouts on your watch, to keep your grey matter going in between bouts of Rules! proper. You can track your performance in this mini-game back on your iPhone.

Elementary Minute - download Elementary Minute

A fast-paced quiz game with a simple premise - just swipe up or down to say agree or disagree with a statement on screen. That easy peasy control scheme will make it effortless to answer these questions - on maths, geography, and famous faces - on your watch.

Letterpad - download Letterpad

While many games are getting spin-off off-shoots for the Apple Watch, you'll get the full LetterPad experience when it goes wrist-wards. So expect a 9 tile grid of letters, a desperate hunt for anagrams, and access to community-made stages.

Real Racing 3 - download Real Racing 3

EA's freebie racer will let you play manager on your watch and send your driver out on races with a tap to the wrist. If they win, you'll get rewards when you next load up the full iPhone game.

Modern Combat 5: Blackout - download Modern Combat 5

Gameloft says that this companion app will quickly enable you to change your class selection, change and customise your weapon, pick masks, sign up for and check your progress in events, and receive notifications. Nifty.

Brothers in Arms 3: Sons of War - download Brothers in Arms 3

Brothers in Arms will also have a companion app. This one lets you receive notifications about upgrades, VIP, and energy status; claim rewards; sign up for events; and check "useful" information about weapon and brother upgrades. I'll be the judge of that.

BoxPop - download BoxPop

Apple Watch brings new daily puzzles to this minimalist puzzler that you can only play on Apple Watch. You can also track your stats on BoxPop for iPhone, and earn more than 20 new achievements exclusive to Apple Watch.

Jelly Cubes - download Jelly Cubes

You can probably expect a fair few match-3 puzzlers on this thing. The gelatinous Jelly Cubes is one of the first, and offers the full game on your Watch. Plus, you can sync your save between them and continue playing where you left off on your iPhone.

Gravity Mike - download Gravity Mike

I'm not sure how smart it is to try and squeeze an entire platformer onto the tiny screen of a smartwatch, but I'll try anything once. Except all the things that would immediately maim or kill you. Hopefully this game isn't one of those things, but it doesn't look massively comfortable.

Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff - download Family Guy

This companion app to stuff-tapper and time-waiter Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff will show animations on your wrist, let you play mini-games, and send rewards back to the main game.

Spy_Watch - download Spy Watch

With Spy_Watch, you're not James Bond, you're his boss. You'll be in charge of a spy agency, tasked with sending out an agent out on missions. He'll then report back in with questions about how to proceed. When he completes his mission you earn money that can be spent on upgrades.

Read our full preview, here Runeblade - download Runeblade

This is shaping up to be a proper RPG, with battles and decisions and exploration, but condensed for your wristwatch. So expect quickfire campaigns rather than deep hours-long slogs. Everywear promises to add new content in regular updates.