6 games a Trump supporting gamer like Palmer Luckey would love

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6 games a Trump supporting gamer like Palmer Luckey would love

Oculus Rift creator and almost-a-billionaire Facebook employee Palmer Luckey has gotten himself into a spot of bother recently, after it emerged that he was a full on Trump-supporting alt-right douchebag / hero (delete according to political affiliation).

It's a (thankfully) rare case of Trumpmania crossing paths with the games industry. Yes, we're still trying to forget Trump's Wall too.

Trump's most ardent supporters are wired up a little differently to those who would rather see a chimp given control of the big red nuclear button. Which got us to thinking of the kind of mobile games an avid Trump supporting gamer, such as Palmer Luckey, might appreciate.

Here are our thoughts on the matter. Got any other ideas? Let us know in the comments below. Keep it clean(ish).

Papers, Please

We suspect that Trump supporters would really dig this utopian tale of strict border control and strong-arm policing. Having said that, they might be a little suspicious of the distinctly un-American names on the paperwork our courageous officer has to sort through each day.

Amigo Pancho

If any right-thinking Trump supporter needs to be reminded of the true threat facing America, they need only look to hardcore life simulator Amigo Pancho.

It demonstrates all too well how those tricky Mexicans will do anything in their power to cross the US border - including grabbing a pair of helium-filled balloons and employing an elaborate series of fans and switches to blow them towards freedom.

Modern Combat 5: Blackout

Would-be-President Trump's hardline approach to the War on Terror was very handily mapped out for us in Modern Combat 5 back in 2014. To wit, enter non-American countries and shoot everything that moves. Also, everything that doesn't move. A valuable resource.

First Strike

First Strike is a high (Trump) stakes game that places you in the war room of a modern nuclear power and tasks you with playing hardball with your global adversaries. NUCLEAR hardball. Cautionary tale or ultimate Trump power fantasy? We'll leave that to you to decide.


As students of the Trump school of political shenanigans will tell you, there's no greater way to take your opponent down a peg or two than to issue a stinging, baseless insult. Especially when there are no apparent repercussions from your doing so.

Trump supporters looking to emulate their hero can sharpen their barbed remarks using Oh...Sir! - Gamious's competitive insult-'em-up.

Minecraft: Pocket Edition

It's going to be quite a logistical task building that giant wall between Mexico and the US. Trump supporters of Palmer Luckey's age will be drumming their fingers impatiently, whilst we suspect that many other Trump supporters are simply too old to wait for its completion.

Why not gain a little preview of the glories to come by building your own virtual giant wall in Minecraft?