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A beginner's guide to Exos Heroes – 4 essential tips

A beginner's guide to Exos Heroes – 4 essential tips

Exos Heroes is a hero-collecting RPG developed by Oozoo and published by LINE Games. It features a varied cast of heroes and cinematic turn-based battles. It also has its own twist on that tried and tested formula that makes this RPG stand out from the crowd.

To help navigate your way through the wealth of content and systems on offer, we’ve put together four must know tips to get your Exos Heroes adventure off to the perfect start. Let’s begin….

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Guardian Stones and Breaking foes

Two interlinked systems set Exos Heroes apart from other turn-based RPGs you can play on your mobile. The Guardian Stones and Break systems make fights feel more engaging. Each character, both friend and foe, will have a Guardian Stone from one of six elements which are Fire, Forst, Nature, Light, Machinery, Light, and Dark. Attacking an enemy with a matching stone will cause that enemy to be broken.

This will render that opponent useless for a number of turns, meaning that you're free to attack them without retaliation. On top of that, they'll also take increased damage when they're broken meaning you'll be able to rid the battlefield of them quicker. Being able to take an opponent out of the game for several turns also means you'll be able to defeat foes that are far higher levels than your own team.

Some tougher enemies will require multiple attacks before they break. This might be different elements of multiple of the same type. Either way you might want to consider which character delivers the breaking blow as this will have varying additional effects. For instance, a Fire Break will cause all attacks to that unit to be critical.

Roles and making a balanced team

Naturally then, you'll want to have multiple elements on your team so you'll be able to break a majority of your opponents for easier kills. But you'll also need to consider the different roles that exist too. These are Tanks, Attack, Healers, Support and Chaos, which is a hybrid class.

So you'll want to be on the lookout for a team that can incorporate a variety of Guardian Stones alongside the different roles to allow for more strategic options. You might also want to consider taking characters that have AoE attacks as this can potentially allow for multiple breaks at simultaneously, giving you tremendous control over the battle.

Pre-mission preparation

Whilst it's always tempting to dive straight into missions so you can quickly get to battling enemies in Exos Heroes it's always worth taking the time to read the pre-mission information. This will tell you the types of enemy that will appear as well as the Guardian Stone info, which allows you to take the appropriate heroes for dealing break damage to them.

If you'd like to save a little time you'll also be able to get the game to recommend which characters you bring along for the ride. Other useful information includes the missions that you'll have to complete to earn a 3-star rating, which means you can adjust your team if one challenge would be made easier with a specific unit.

Missions and Challenges

Each story mission will have a maximum rating of 3-stars. Achieving this will net players additional rewards for completing each stage. You'll want to make sure you're doing this as often as possible to earn more currency that can then be used to pull powerful units. These are often simple tasks like breaking particular units or completing the level in a certain number of turns.

Similarly, there are new numerous achievements and challenges players will be able to complete to earn themselves additional items. This will include useful things such as experience scrolls for levelling up heroes or Abrasives which can be used to increase the experience points of equipment.