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Evil Hunter Tycoon guide

Evil Hunter Tycoon guide

Like any other adventure RPG, Evil Hunter Tycoon includes various complicated aspects. You should know the purpose of all currencies, resources, and systems to play Evil Hunter Tycoon properly. And if you are a beginner, understanding every mechanic in Evil Hunter Tycoon might take a lot of time.

Read our Evil Hunter Tycoon guide to find out everything you should know as a beginner! This will be a general guide not only on mechanics and systems in the game but also valuable tips that can significantly improve your in-game experience playing the game.


One of the essential aspects you need to consider in Evil Hunter Tycoon is buildings. Constructing new buildings is not only the perfect option to increase your power but also an excellent way to unlock new features. For example, constructing a sanctuary of resurrection enables you to resurrect hunters. Building a common house is the perfect option if you want to increase the total number of people who can live in your town. Every single building has its unique purpose.

Also, you should keep in mind that constructing buildings is not enough if you want to progress in Evil Hunter Tycoon. You should also upgrade them. Every building has a few update levels, and the more you level up, the more features you can unlock.


Another essential thing to note in Evil Hunter Tycoon is weapons. Every hunter can carry unique weapons, and using them is the best way to make your hunter more powerful. The game has 5 tiers of weapons: S+, S, A, B, and C. The best way to craft weapons is to use a blacksmith building, but you should keep in mind that powerful weapons will become available only when you are at the later game stages. You should also know that you have to manually give weapons to your hunters.


The last important thing to consider in Evil Hunter Tycoon is materials. You will spend most of your time getting materials in Evil Hunter Tycoon. They are used for crafting gear, updating buildings, and constructing them. Without materials, you can't progress in the game and level up correctly. And below, you can find out the best way to get materials and other helpful tips for Evil Hunter Tycoon.


One of the difficulties you'll face in Evil Hunter Tycoon is farming materials. The best way to obtain a lot of resources is to use trading posts. Here you can balance the cost of materials and purchase materials from the hunters. But keep in mind that to farm resources, you should know the relevant prices for all materials in the game.

Another option is to use an Item Drop Scroll. Even though it's a pretty rare scroll, it is one of the best options to get a lot of materials in Evil Hunter Tycoon - and the best way to get an item drop scroll is to use bonus chests and treasure chests.


Once you know the basics of the game, it's time to find out the tips that will be helpful for beginners and experienced players. Let’s get started with the first piece of advice.

Level up hunters

Levelling up your hunters is the best way to progress in Evil Hunter Tycoon to increase their Attack, Defence, and Crit Rate. Updated Hunters will bring you more experience and better trades in Evil Hunter Tycoon.

Earn gems

Gems are one of the most important currencies in Evil Hunter Tycoon. Using gems, you can purchase everything you want in Evil Hunter, and the best way to earn gems is to complete achievements. Also, you will get a tiny amount of gems from quests and Ad goblins offer. The last option to earn gems is to spend elemental for special boxes with gems in the shop.


Even though most people undervalue trading, it is one of the most important aspects of Evil Hunter Tycoon. And if you learn unique trading tactics, you can use trading to level up in the game (let us know if you're in need of a guide about Trading Tactics, and we'll get on it as soon as possible!).

That’s it with the Evil Hunter Tycoon guide for beginners. To be honest, this game is very complex and requires many hours to get used to its mechanics, so hopefully, our guide should lend you a hand in a pinch. And while you are here, make sure to check our list of Evil Hunter Tycoon coupon codes to get free resources. Good luck!

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