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Stylish world-rotating puzzler Euclidean Lands arrives on iOS

Twist and turn

Stylish world-rotating puzzler Euclidean Lands arrives on iOS
| Euclidean Lands

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Euclidean Lands brings challenging spatial puzzles and abstract stages able to be twisted and rotated like a Rubik's Cube, to the App Store.

As a spear-wielding warrior traveling these geometric lands, you maneuver step-by-step around deadly foes, timing your movements and striking from the best angle in a style reminiscent of the Go series.

Attacking head-on is instant death, so flipping and turning the levels to gain a better position or avoid enemies is key. New items and elements introduce more strategies, from a shield that lets you attack from the from tiles that teleport you across stages.

Different enemies add dangerous new twists to the combat, with challenging bosses often manipulating the levels as well as you. Surviving all 40 stages of Euclidean Levels will require careful planning.

Euclidean Lands can be purchased at a launch sale price of 2.99p / 2.99c for a limited time.