Dynasty Warriors comes to DS in Fighters Battle

Has dual screen war ever looked this good?

Dynasty Warriors comes to DS in Fighters Battle

We've known Japanese developer Koei has been planning on releasing a DS version of its spectacular medieval battler Dynasty Warriors for years. In fact, it's been so long we'd almost decided the game must be lost forever on the development scrapheap.

After all, Dynasty Warriors made its reputation on the home consoles by throwing squads of onscreen characters at the player, who then uses combos and special power-up moves to bash them around. It was always going to be tough to get that quality of 3D graphics working on the DS, whatever DS secrets a developer knows.

However, these new screenshots of Dynasty Warriors: Fighters Battle DS seemingly demonstrate all those months in development have paid off. There are an impressive amount of enemies to bash, as well as some lavish special effects to bash them with.

As for the format of the game, it follows the typical Dynasty Warriors template. There are six of characters you can go to war as. They range from a variety of sword and spear wielding lads to a beefy brute brandishing a war hammer, and a slight girl with two curved ninja blades. As well as their physical weapons, each character also has different special powers.

You choose a side and then fight your way through all the various enemy concentrations to win the war. You can then reverse allegiances and go back and do the same thing from the other side.

Enemy locations are provided via the map on the DS' touchscreen, providing a certain tactical element to the game. You slowly move around the battlefield, clearing each pocket of resistance, and then choose which one to attack next.

Another interesting element in Fighters Battle DS is the use of a card system. These can be deployed in the midst of battle to summon warriors to help you, and there are over 100 cards to collect.

Dynasty Warriors: Fighters Battle DS is due for release this autumn.