[Update] Out now: Dungeon Hunter 5 adds Clash of Clans-like multiplayer to the series

Swords and strongholds (Updated: Now live on Android, too)

[Update] Out now: Dungeon Hunter 5 adds Clash of Clans-like multiplayer to the series
Updated on March 12th, at 8:37: Morning! Dungeon Hunter 5 is now available worldwide, and also on Android via that there Google Play.

If you're waiting on the Windows Phone version, keep an eye on Gameloft's WP game catalogue.

Original story follows…

Not having run out of dungeons to throw at us yet, Gameloft will be launching Dungeon Hunter 5 on iOS at midnight. (It should also be available on Android and Windows Phone tomorrow.)

Yes, yes, there'll be more demons to hack, slash, and probably even kiss, if you fancy. Not only that, you'll be able to do it all in the company of friends with the game's online multiplayer.

The story here is that, after the victory in Dungeon Hunter 4, the demonic invasion has been pushed back. Hurrah, and that is celebratory.

But, being humans, we've fallen apart without the demon attacks to unite us. And so, the kingdom of Valenthia has been ravaged, and is now your playground as a bounty hunter.

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Where does that leave us? Well, there's a single-player campaign (and optional co-op) with five realms to trundle through.

You can also build and customise with a stronghold with colours and creatures. And, as you might guess, you'll work to defend it from other players, while also raiding their strongholds.

What is this Clash of Clans now? Shh, you get loot for a successful raid, so stop complaining.

Dungeon Hunter 5 will be free to download on the UK and US App Stores at midnight.

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