Ignore the bland title, Dungeon Hero RPG is worth a look especially as it's free

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Ignore the bland title, Dungeon Hero RPG is worth a look especially as it's free
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Dungeon Hero RPG has the potential to win two awards this year. The first is "Most Generic Game Title," but the second is "Best Dungeon Crawler."

I don't say that lightly. Released today, from what I've played of Dungeon Hero RPG, it's a solid take on the Dungeon Master type of RPG.

You start by choosing one of three classes (there's 10 to unlock with more to come) before heading out into procedurally generated dungeons to score some loot.

Naturally, there are cartoon-like renditions of bats, snakes, demons, skeletons, and all manner of beasts populating the grid-based environments.

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But you will find spells, swords, maces, and arrows to use to defeat them. You can assign weapons to a hand and simply tap its side of the screen to cast or swing it. Pretty simple.

And as it's all in real-time it can get a bit frantic as you swing away. Just make sure you check your rear in case a snake flanks you. That's what killed me once.

If you survive the dungeon you'll keep the gold you found and will win some gems. If you die you'll lose it, but you do get to keep the equipment you collected.

As this is a free-to-play game, the gems can be bought for IAPs, and they can be spent on new characters and resurrecting your character if you die. They can also buy pets to unlock that offer assistance.

Dungeon Hero RPG

The gold is used at the blacksmith's, where you can improve the equipment you find, buy better gear, or sell it for more gold.

The free to play elements here aren't intrusive, it seems, so if you're into a first-person dungeon crawler with a decent challenge this is certainly worth a look.

You can download Dungeon Hero RPG on the App Store right now.

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