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Tactical SWAT sim Door Kickers comes to Android

Barrier booters

Tactical SWAT sim Door Kickers comes to Android
| Door Kickers
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Android fans can now show those stupid doors - with their thick mahogany frames and shiny brass knobs - who's boss, with the launch of Door Kickers.

While most of your time in the game is taken up by putting your boot through various types of door, you'll also shoot terrorists and save hostages and carry out tense squad-based missions I guess.

The game's in real time. Which might sound daunting, but you can pause to think on your next move, and you can also spend as long as you like planning the perfect strategy to tackle the nonlinear level at hand, before you kick that first, stupid, door.

Door Kickers

Door Kickers has 80 single in six campaigns, and also a random mission generator. You've also got 65 weapons and gear items to use and overcome the enemy. Which is doors.

The game includes all the updates from the PC version, a new campaign, cross-platform saves, and an interface designed for touch. Get it on Google Play now for £3.99 / $4.99.

Mark Brown
Mark Brown
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