Disco Zoo starts a penguin party on Android

Kangaroo karaoke

Disco Zoo starts a penguin party on Android
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NimbleBit-published animal collection game Disco Zoo has just popped up on Google Play.

The game has you rescuing animals from around the world by playing a simple tile-turning mini-game. Your critter collection then produces money. You spend this dough on rescuing more animals.

It's a devilishly simple setup that will either engross you for hours or bore you in minutes. In our Bronze Award review of the game, we said that Disco Zoo is "a delightful collect-'em-up that doesn't quite have the depth necessary to captivate all species of gamer."

It's free, and includes the arctic expedition pack that was recently added to the iOS edition. Get it here.

(Oh, and if you need some assistance, check out our Disco Zoo ZooPedia guide for a complete list of animal patterns).

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