[Update] Is Blizzard teasing Diablo III on Nintendo's Switch?

Update: Eurogamer's sources are confirming the report

[Update] Is Blizzard teasing Diablo III on Nintendo's Switch?
Update on March 6th at 12:30: Eurogamer's often quite spot on when it comes to rumors so it's great news that their own sources are confirming that Diablo III is indeed coming to the Nintendo Switch. This looks quite sure now and we can't wait to return to sanctuary!

Blizzard took to Twitter late last week to post a peculiar image of a Diablo lamp being switched on and off. While it may not seem like much on its own, it does look a little like announcing a Switch version of Blizzard's legendary hack and slash series, possibly Diablo III.

Indeed, while Blizzard is still playing coy and denying it for now, a source told Neoseeker that Diablo III was in development for the Nintendo Switch complete with local coop.

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Diablo III got off to a rough start on PC with server errors and plenty of fans finding it too easy. Blizzard then went back to the drawing board and released plenty of patches and even an expansion to address those issues and the game was turned into something far better than its original state.

The switch then would get this enhanced edition right away and with the prospect of a mobile version of Sanctuary, we can only be excited. It's still a bit peculiar that Blizzard's only mobile game, Hearthstone, hasn't been released on Switch given how easy it would be to port it.