Square Enix confirms that Deus Ex: The Fall for Android will be available 'shortly' goes behind the scenes

Square Enix confirms that Deus Ex: The Fall for Android will be available 'shortly'

The Android port of the Pocket Gamer Silver Award winner Deus Ex: The Fall will be out soon. According to Square Enix's James Wright, though, that may not be as soon as we thought.

Speaking during an extensive interview with sister site, Wright said the Deus Ex: The Fall Android port is "well underway and it will be available shortly".

Wright went on to say that this might not represent the end of the road for Deus Ex: The Fall, either: "There is a lot of interest in playing Deus Ex: The Fall on other platforms, so we are considering many options."

"However, right now we are focused on tablet and smartphone versions of the game."

This upcoming Android port won't be a tacked-on post-launch decision flub, mind. "The game has always been planned for Android," Wright admitted.

You can’t spell Android without AI

In our review of Deus Ex: The Fall, we said it was "a solid, hugely entertaining game that sits amongst the very best FPSs you can play on your iPad or iPhone".

Some of our readers disagreed, mind, stating that they were "disappointed with dumb enemy AI" (a problem that was fixed in a post-launch patch).

Wright told that Square Enix and N-Fusion were limited by mobile processing power when it came to programming enemy AI. Wright did confirm, though, that the team is "still working hard to improve it".

If you'd like to read's full behind-the-scenes look at Deus Ex: The Fall - which also includes insight from N-Fusion CEO Jeff Birns - click on that hyperlink you just passed on your way to the end of this paragraph.

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