5 games that should get the Deus Ex GO treatment

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5 games that should get the Deus Ex GO treatment
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Square Enix has turned three hit franchises into stunning and addictive mobile puzzle games: Hitman, Tomb Raider, and Deus Ex.

Where next? Well, while Square still has a few games left to convert - Final Fantasy GO? Uh... Just Cause GO? - it might be smart to start thinking further afield.

And so, with that in mind, here are 5 gaming franchises that would be amazing as iOS and Android puzzle games.

Metal Gear GO MGS GO See it in full

If stealth favourites Hitman and Deus Ex can get the GO treatment, then surely the epic sneak 'em up Metal Gear Solid would work wonders.

The game would mimic the low-poly loveliness of the PlayStation original, and have Solid Snake sneak around Shadow Moses. Levels would be about looking for holes in guard patrols, and distracting enemies by knocking on the wall, and leaving naughty magazines on the ground.

Portal GO Portal GO See it in full

Lara Croft GO showed that this formula works wonders in a pure puzzle game. And that's what this scientific head scratcher would be. In each stage you need to press buttons, move cubes, and outsmart turrets to open the test chamber door and move on.

The twist, of course, would be portals. To solve puzzles you'll need to warp time and space, and hop through a wormhole to jump around the level. Speedy thing goes in, speedy thing comes out.

Pac Man GO Pac Man GO See it in full

If you think about it, Pac Man is a stealth game. I mean, don't think too hard. But give it a quick ponder and I'm sure you'll agree. I mean, it's all about a ninja master who outsmarts patrolling guards to pass through a maze untouched.

And that's exactly what this retro-style GO game would be like. Different ghosts have different behaviours, which you'd need to learn and exploit to get from one side of the map to the other... only to remerge back on the other side to do the whole thing all over again.

Only 254 levels to go!

Resident Evil GO Resident Evil 4 GO See it in full

Resident Evil 4 is all about assessing the situation, and figuring out a plan to get Leon and Ashley safely through a bunch of zombies (sorry: not zombies). That would sure be a lot easier without a dude with a chainsaw racing right for you.

That's the beauty of Resident Evil GO: all the thrills and spills of a real zombie (not zombie) invasion, but with a turn-based twist that lets you consider how you'll duck, weave, shoot, and knife your way through the stage.

Doom GO Doom GO See it in full

And if that works, then Doom would be next on the agenda. The DOS classic has you carefully positioning yourself and prioritising targets - and that might work well when slowed down to a turn-by-turn battle against demons.

Pick off foot soldiers first, while dodging fireballs from left and right. Take out imps, charge at demons, and run the heck away from barons of hell.

Mark Brown
Mark Brown
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