Madfinger's zombie shooter Dead Trigger is now an F2P game on iOS, too

Dead weird

Madfinger's zombie shooter Dead Trigger is now an F2P game on iOS, too
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In a not-altogether-unsurprising move, Madfinger has decided to turn its premium iOS shooter Dead Trigger into a freemium game.

The reason this doesn't surprise us is because the Czech Republic-based studio did exactly the same thing to Dead Trigger on Google Play, in the process causing a certain degree of controversy among the Android faithful.

In addition to converting Dead Trigger on iOS into a F2P title, Madfinger has issued a massive update to the game which contains a slew of extra content.

For starters, four new weapons have been added to your arsenal: a chainsaw, a heavy machine gun, a bladed engine, and a repeater rifle.

There are also new gadgets available that can make zombies' heads inflate to comic proportions, new zombie types to fend off, and new environments to fend them off in.

Dead confused

The most noteworthy change, however, is the free-to-play conversion. We've contacted Madfinger to find out the reasoning behind this change, but we haven't heard anything back yet.

Dead Trigger on Android was made a free-to-play title because of piracy - but, since iOS is a much more closed environment, did Dead Trigger for iPhone and iPad really need the same treatment? We're stumped.

One more thing... Madfinger has sought to mollify Android punters who shelled out cold hard cash for Dead Trigger before the recent price drop by promising a special reward in the next update to the game.

If you look closely at the App Store description for Dead Trigger on iOS, you'll notice that one of the new features planned for version 1.2.0 will "make you happy". Looks like it's 'special rewards' all round, then.

Dead Trigger is now available for free on iOS [download] and is also free on Android [download].