Here's what was inside the Curiosity cube

It wasn't a monkey

Here's what was inside the Curiosity cube

Here's what you've been dying to know these past seven months: the winner of the Curiosity cube experiment will be the God in 22cans's Kickstarter god game Godus, and take a share of the game's profits.

The winner will be given a chance to design aspects of Godus, and "will decide on the rules that the game is played by", explains Molyneux.

For the unenlightened, Curiosity was a massive cooperative effort to excavate a giant cube, by chipping away away at the 69 billion individual blocks it was comprised of.

But while everyone worked together to break through the onion skin-like layers and unearth the secret, only one person would get to see the prize: the person who tapped the final cubelet.

That person was Bryan Henderson from Edinburgh, and while he was under no obligation to make the prize public, he let 22cans make public a video explaining the details of the prize.

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Mark Brown
Mark Brown
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