Mobigame's iPhone puzzler Cross Fingers is 59p today

You should be so lucky

Mobigame's iPhone puzzler Cross Fingers is 59p today
| Cross Fingers

Cross Fingers, the fiendish puzzler from Edge creator Mobigame, is on sale today at just 59p.

The game sees you sliding wooden blocks around to complete a series of tangram puzzles - a feat which often requires just as much nimble four-finger digit flexing as it does patience and planning.

Pocket Gamer's Fraser MacInnes awarded a Bronze Award to Cross Fingers when he reviewed it way back in 2009, praising the game's mix of reflexes and cerebral challenge.

Since then, an update has added another 150 levels to the original game's 240.

Cross Fingers is down to 59p / 99c / €0,75 for an unspecified time. So if you fancy getting your fingers in a twist, head over to the App Store soon.
Richard Meads
Richard Meads
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