Critical Ops is celebrating its 3rd anniversary and hitting 100 million downloads

Critical Ops is celebrating its 3rd anniversary and hitting 100 million downloads
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Critical Ops fans have two reasons to rejoice right now. The hardcore skill-based FPS is celebrating its 3rd anniversary and also reaching the milestone of 100 million downloads! Over 100 million operatives have participated in more than 45 million Ranked Matches, playing for a total of 7,900 hours in 2021 alone. Critical Force Entertainment is celebrating these two feats with new events and gifts for players.

3rd Anniversary Critical Pass

A new battle pass has been released with the third anniversary as its theme. It will consist of 50 free tiers and a host of premium rewards as well. The Critical Pass will see the return of fan favourite weapon skins from the past like the GSR1911 - Compact, M4 - Naka and the TRG22 – Thriller. The pass is available for a limited time only - until December 14th.

New Assault Rifle AR-15

A new AR-15 assault rifle is coming to Critical Ops , complete with a red dot sight. While it isn’t the best for hip firing, the AR-15’s red dot sight makes it a beast when you’re aiming down sight thanks to the accuracy boost it provides.

CEO of Critical Force Veli-Pekka Piirainen, describing the joy of reaching the milestone said: "We're incredibly proud of the ongoing success of Critical Ops. Reaching the 100 million downloads milestone cements the game at the top of the mobile shooter genres. This success shows the passion and talent of the team and the engagement and love of our fans."


Village is the new defuse map that’s coming soon.. It draws inspiration from Turkish architecture and aims to introduce more verticality in gameplay.

Taurus Project 2

This is a new event that brings new modern weapons and glove skins to Critical Ops. Taurus Project 2 will also be added to the fan favourite Skullhunter game mode.

Download Critical Ops for free on the App Store and Google Play and grind out the new Critical Pass.

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