Frontier's 3D sim Coaster Crazy on track for 2012 release

You must be *this* tall to ride

Frontier's 3D sim Coaster Crazy on track for 2012 release
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Frontier Developments is preparing to take gamers on yet another of its celebrated roller coaster rides with upcoming iOS title Coaster Crazy.

A character-influenced 3D roller coaster sim, Coaster Crazy is all about designing courses to meet the demands of a bunch of fanatical thrillseekers, aptly referred to as "Crazies".

Using the touchscreen, you must trace out courses which will fulfil each of the Crazies' preferred criteria.

For example, some Crazies like going fast, meaning you'll need to come up with a coaster containing plenty of sharp drops to keep them happy.

Others might like sharp corners or going upside-down. Meeting these objectives will be your key to beating the game's 30 challenges.


According to the Frontier team, Coaster Crazy will debut in freemium form on iOS "before Christmas".

Incidentally, if you want more info about Coaster Crazy, check out Pocket Gamer's exclusive preview of the game (featuring an interview with industry luminary David Braben).

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