First screens of Cars on PSP

Head out on the highway

First screens of Cars on PSP
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We knew a PSP version of Cars was on its way, we've told you all about its fancy physics, we even reviewed – and adored – the already-released mobile version. And now we're finally able to show you some screens from Cars on Sony's handheld.

Pixar's movie is still a fair few weeks away but the game is imminent, so hurrah to THQ for brightening up another deathly quiet summer news day by springing these first screens on us.

Not surprisingly, Cars is a much more conventional looking driving game on PSP than the retro-styled top-down mobile game release – indeed, it will be interesting to see how the game's developer has managed to retain the character of the Pixar auto-characters, given that most of the time you'll be looking at, figuratively speaking, the back end of the bus. Well, of a car.

That said, PSP drivers are promised the same real-world drive-around environments that we saw on mobile, with a free-roaming world granting you access to more than 50 more conventional races.

Cars on PSP is officially out on 14th July; we hope to steer it around our own private test track ASAP.