Seen the film? Bought the toys, tea set and toothbrush? Next: the game

| Cars

Some things in life are as certain as the passing of time itself. One is that any Disney film these days has to be accompanied by a licensed video game.

When the film in question is Cars, the seventh feature from Pixar (of Toy Story, Monters Inc fame) that's by no means a bad thing. Cars the game is a story-based racing adventure that fuel injects all of the key moments from this summer's forthcoming movie into the DS, PSP and GBA. More than ten characters from the film (crucially, all voiced by the original actors) will let you take to their wheel as you speed through an open environment featuring some 50 races, helping to fulfill Lightening McQueen's dream of winning the Piston Cup Championship.

Given the quality of the source material, it's difficult to think experienced developer Rainbow will crash and burn. But one thing we've learnt over the years is that some things aren't as certain as others. So expect an update just as soon as we've donned our driving gloves and taken Cars for a spin.