Roguelike boardgame mash-up Card Dungeon is out now on iOS

One of PG's most anticipated games of October

Roguelike boardgame mash-up Card Dungeon is out now on iOS
| Card Dungeon

Card Dungeon's clever blend of dungeon-crawling, board, and card game magic has hit the App Store, at a discounted price of £1.49 / $1.99.

In Card Dungeon, you're allotted three cards at the beginning of your run, and can use only one each turn.

Cards contain specific abilities, such as attacking, defending, healing, magic, and more, so you must choose wisely if you want to last more than a few turns.

As you traverse the dungeon, you may find new cards after slaying monsters or looting chests.

Part of what stands out about Card Dungeon is the way it looks and plays like a board game, down to the flat player markers and tile-based movement. See it in action below.

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Don't forget to grab Card Dungeon now while it's still 50% off!

Chloi Rad
Chloi Rad
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