New blue look for Boulder Dash's Rockford on PSP and DS

But where did the laser guns come from?

New blue look for Boulder Dash's Rockford on PSP and DS
| Boulder Dash - Rocks!

For those of a certain vintage, the name Rockford summons up memories of dishevelled private eye James Garner in TV's The Rockford Files. But you'd have to be almost as old to have experienced the first outing of Boulder Dash's mining hero.

While the detective show is one of the few '70s hits not to have been remade in some form since, there have been plenty of new versions based on Rockford's diamond-digging game exploits, even on mobile phones. None has taken the radical approach of 10tacle's forthcoming DS and PSP remake Boulder Dash – Rocks! though.

For one thing, the usually humanoid Rockford has been morphed into a freaking blue alien. Then there's the addition of laser-firing guns, which can be loaded with different types of ammunition to provide the ability to freeze enemies, destroy boulders and pull diamonds and other distant objects towards the player.

The developer also promises a multiplayer option, as well as separate modes custom designed for the hardware features of the DS and PSP.

Otherwise, the basic gameplay that's worked for over 20 years – collecting diamonds and avoiding falling objects and traps to find the level exit before the time runs out – seems to have remained intact.

It's still potentially buried treasure, but 10tacle Studios hopes to have uncovered Boulder Dash – Rocks! by Christmas.

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