E3 2010: Hudson bringing Bomberman and Kororinpa to the 3DS

They’ve not been fused together

E3 2010: Hudson bringing Bomberman and Kororinpa to the 3DS
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There are three things in life that are inevitable – death, taxes, and a new Bomberman game from Hudson Soft. It should come as no surprise whatsoever, then, to find out that the 3DS will be receiving an instalment of the multiplayer bombing series.

If you’ve never played, heard of, or seen a Bomberman (or Dyna Blaster) game before, then I’m not sure what you’re doing on a gaming website. The series first appeared in 1983 and has received a new instalment almost every subsequent year, barely altering the almost-perfect multiplayer while attempting various changes to the single-player mode.

We’re hoping Hudson can finally nail the single-player aspect with the 3DS version, but secretly the appeal of blowing up our friends in 3D inside the traditional maze is enough to get us excited.

Hudson also confirmed that the marble rolling Wii title Kororinpa will be making an appearance on Nintendo’s 3D portable.

The game involves tilting a ball through various bizarre locations, collecting crystals, and avoiding a wide variety of obstacles to beat the level time.

The original version was a fun take on the Marble Madness/Super Monkey Ball genre, but the 3DS’s tilt and gyroscope controls should give it more physicality when it hits the console.