3D MMORPG Blades and Magic makes moves on mobile

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3D MMORPG Blades and Magic makes moves on mobile
| Blades & Magic

Behold, the first screens and a movie to download of the potentially legendary Blades & Magic from German mobile game studio Fishlabs.

Billed as the world's first 3D fantasy MMORPG for mobile devices (correctly, as far as we can recall), Blades & Magic looks like being essentially a room-based romp in the vein of the original computer-based RPGs, albeit with fully rotatable 3D environments for combat.

With the emphasis on snazzy 3D graphics, the game features over 40 fully animated 3D characters and more than 120 skills and items. The game world looks fairly big too, with more than 250 locations.

And as well as the online multiplayer mode busy positioning itself as the Next Big Thing, there's also a single-player mode consisting of some 24 quests.

"In spite of all the limitations on mobile phones, we have brought a colourful and vivid fantasy world to life, with lots of detailed 3D characters and 3D locations," said Michael '+1 to Company Pride' Schade, Fishlabs' CEO. "Besides the opulent 3D graphics and deep game experience, the greatest buzz will probably be created by the sophisticated real time battle system for the online multiplayer mode."

The multiplayer version of the game is currently being shown off for the first time running across various phone operator's networks at the Leipzig Games Convention in Germany.

We're trying to grab Mr Schade for more details, so click 'Track It!' if you want to be alerted when we find out more.