Groundbreaking blaster BioShock is coming to iPhone and iPad this summer

Will you bite the Apple?

Groundbreaking blaster BioShock is coming to iPhone and iPad this summer
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2K is to bring underwater first-person shooter BioShock to iPhone and iPad this summer, as a premium-priced app with MFi controller support.

If you haven't played it, BioShock takes place in the submerged city of Rapture - a failed objectivist utopia, left in ruins.

The last few survivors of the city are jacked up on a plasmid called ADAM that alters their own DNA and gifts them superhuman powers.

As you explore the ruined city you'll tweak your own genetic code to get new combat abilities. And you'll figure out how Rapture met its doom, by finding audio diaries and talking to the last sane(ish) survivors over the radio.

You'll also meet the Big Daddies - hulking great ogres in retro diving suits, who emit haunting whale-like screams and drill a hole in your sternum if you try to grab the Little Sisters (girls who are trained to extract ADAM) in their charge.

Big Daddy

It's a rich and imaginative world, basically, filled with iconic characters (like sadistic playwright Sander Cohen and Rapture ruler Andrew Ryan), engrossing backstories, and crunchy combat scenarios.

It's a direct port, but "we had to make some minor changes to the graphical features due to limitations of the hardware," says senior producer Brian Lowe, "such as removing dynamic shadows, or changing the way fog is displayed."

Otherwise it will be exactly as you remember it, and 2K has added an art book within the app as bonus content. It'll be in the price of the game, though - no in-app purchases here.

Vending machine

You can see how it looks, and find out a little about how it plays, in our video above.

BioShock is coming to iOS in the summer, and requires an iPad Air, iPad 4, or iPad mini 2, or an iPhone 5, 5C, or 5S. No current iPod touches are supported, and Lowe says 2K has "no immediate plans to bring BioShock to Android."