Big Brother: The Game is returning for season two with another life changing prize up for grabs from next week

Big Brother: The Game is returning for season two with another life changing prize up for grabs from next week

The reality show inspired game Big Brother is coming back for a second season as Banijay Brands is extending its partnership with 9th Impact for another run at the successful live mobile tournament. Big Brother: The Game II will be jointly released within two weeks, on December 16th from 9th Impact and Tilting Point.

Big Brother: The Game I launched on 15th October, 2020 and ran for a whopping total of 288 days, with Amy from Delaware taking the massive grand prize of $33,000 USD by beating 33,724 rival contestants! A humongous number of contestants participated for that minimum $10,000 USD prize last season and fans are getting a chance once again.

Saad Khan, Vice President of Corporate Development and Business Development at Tilting Point said: “Big Brother: The Game has been defining the genre of Massively Multiplayer Reality TV games and the new tournament is introducing more gameplay innovation like real life auditions, so we’re excited to be extending the reach of this title to a global audience.”

Big Brother: The Game consists of two gameplay modes – Housemate and Spectator. Spectators - like in the real-life counterpart - are just observers of the show and using the Spectator mode is free with optional purchases. Meanwhile, Housemates are the actual participants of the game. To get involved, players have two options. They can either purchase a Token from the in-game store to enter the House, or audition to get an existing Housemate to sponsor their entry.

The sequel is also adding numerous features to further enhance immersion. Lots of little changes are coming. Describing them, Finn Krewer, Head of Development at 9th Impact, said: “We have been building new house designs, new games and new mechanics like house juries, so I can’t wait for people to play on December 16 and hear what they think.”

The multiplayer online reality TV game Big Brother: The Game II will launch for both Android and iOS devices worldwide. Experience what it's like being on Big Brother from your own house and you may just take away a life-changing prize.

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