EA Mobile revamps Bejeweled with multiplayer features

But only US gamers can get their thumbs on it for now

EA Mobile revamps Bejeweled with multiplayer features
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Bejeweled is rightfully acclaimed as one of the all-time great mobile puzzlers, despite the release of 750-odd other gem-swapping clones since its original appearance.

Now EA Mobile has released what it describes as an "all-new" version of the game in the US. It's not a sequel, more a revamp of the original game, which will presumably still be sold on operator portals as Bejeweled.

Anyway, the new version has better graphics and sound, but the big news is its multiplayer features. You're able to play head-to-head with other players – either against friends or random strangers.

There are also high-score rankings and post-game chat, so you can stick it to opponents about how they're a n00b because you pwned them with your clever swap of the red gem with the blue gem to create a cascade. Or something.

It sounds really exciting, but for now the all-new version appears to be only available in the US – the Bejeweled on European operator portals is still the original one (which is the one pictured above).

However, click 'Track It!' for an alert if and when the new version drops in on this side of the Atlantic.

Stuart Dredge
Stuart Dredge
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