Gameloft announces Xperia Play exclusive title - BackStab

Mysterious image no longer quite so mysterious

Gameloft announces Xperia Play exclusive title - BackStab
| BackStab

Gameloft has pulled the covers off the mysterious game it teased last week, and - while we managed to score a few direct hits in our guesses - it’s not quite what we expected.

Set in the 18th century, BackStab puts you in the buckled boots of Henry Blake, wrongly accused of treason, who’s out looking for justice in a free-roaming action-adventure.

Gameloft promises a "dynamic combat system’" that involves counter-attacks and all that jazz, as well as side-quests and diversions from the main story, such as duels and races.

The biggest surprise (other than the fact that we still can’t quite place what game this is a clone of) is that it won’t be released first on iOS.

Instead, it’s an Xperia Play exclusive for a month, after which other mobile gamers get a chance to swing their virtual cutlasses and say "arr".

BackStab will be out in spring for an undisclosed price.