The Longest Road on Earth has been delayed by a week and will now be releasing for iOS and Android devices on 27th May. Raw Fury told Pocket Gamer that the small delay was necessary to avoid crunch.

The Longest Road on Earth is a narrative adventure game featuring four short stories that each focus on the lives of regular people. It’s a personal group of stories that each focus on the sanctity of life and the perceptions which define us as human beings.

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Music and sound is a big factor of this game too, featuring a soundtrack with haunting lyrics that drives the narrative along. Since there’s no dialogue or text either, it means the music will help you to share these moments with the characters, allowing you to create your own interpretations from them.

The Longest Road on Earth is designed to be accessible to as many players as possible. It’s not a difficult game, since making it a challenge to play might distract you from the poignant narrative being expressed, and the lack of text and simple controls also makes it a very accessible title for many.

It’s also quite short, about three hours in total length, making it a useful title to play through in one sitting.

To celebrate the upcoming release of the game, musician Beícoli (who also wrote and performed the soundtrack for The Longest Road on Earth), is performing a live pre-launch concert on the Raw Fury Twitch channel today. The concert begins this evening at 6pm UK time.

The Longest Road on Earth will be available on 27th May on the iOS App Store and the Google Play for Android store, where it is a paid title that costs £2.99.

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