NBA 2K21 Arcade Edition is the third version of the super-popular basketball video game for this year. First, 2K21 released on current-gen consoles (PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch), and then, it released on the next-gen systems (PS5, Xbox Series X/S) and now, on mobile, being on iOS (you can count the Switch's Handheld Mode as mobile too). 

This particular addition of 2K mobile is exclusive to the Apple Arcade, which has done an impressive job of building an ever-expanding list of games. One thing that veteran console 2K players will notice, is that it features the MyPLAYER Builder, which was added to the series a couple of years ago. 

Although basketball features several different elements, there is no aspect of it, quite as popular as scoring on the offensive end. There are some great archetypes that you can choose from when creating your MyPLAYER, but if you want to focus heavily on scoring, here are a few to consider. Just remember, at the end of the day, it's all up to you. 

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