Square Enix is hosting a livestream on 7th May to reveal more information on the upcoming Final Fantasy VII The First Soldier, the battle royale game coming to mobile platforms later this year.

The reveal was made in a tweet on the official Final Fantasy VII The First Soldier Twitter account. The stream will be available on Square Enix’s official Twitch account and will be in Japanese with English commentary.

Final Fantasy VII The First Soldier was announced in February earlier this year as one of two upcoming Final Fantasy titles coming to mobile.

It will be a battle royale genre game taking place three decades after Final Fantasy VII, centring on the Shinra Electric Company’s SOLDIER division and the enhanced fighters they created to supplement their arsenal.

You play as one of these super soldiers, fighting against others in the same camp to become the sole survivor. The map features many iconic locations from Midgar, the setting of Final Fantasy’s seventh installment. There’ll be plenty of cutting around this map as the typical battle royale formula dictates.

Besides guns, however, you’ll also have special powers to activate during combat which will give you an edge. These abilities can be defensive options such as spawning a shield to block incoming fire, or offensive such as throwing a fireball or summoning a friendly monster to back you up.

Square Enix has not yet said when the game will be releasing, except that it’s targeted for a 2021 launch on iOS and Android. It’s probable that this livestream will reveal some answers towards that. You can catch it on Twitch on 7th May at 12PM UK time.

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