Do you ever want to say no, but instead say nothing or just agree? It’s a super common thing - just agreeing or going along with whatever is asked of you. Especially if you are new somewhere and particularly if it’s being asked of you by your boss or someone who has power over you. Say No More takes that idea - the concept of being unable to say no - and adds in a dash of humour while showing why you should say no.

Say No More is a narrative-driven game that plays almost like a movie. Instead of controlling where you move to or who you interact with, your character is on a path through offices, outdoors and beyond, with very little control over where you go. The only actual control you do have in the game is a variety of different ways to say no.

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At first, you can’t even say no. Instead, you are following along, huffing sometimes, while people steal your lunch, make you sit in a tiny office you don’t like and tell you to do silly tasks like fix a fax machine and get coffee. Being an intern sucks, and in this world, you work 7 days a week. Video games are banned and so is the word No. It’s torture.

Instead of taking all of the harassment and demands, you find a cassette tape that teaches you how to say no. At first, you can just say no, but over time you find different ways to say no - charging them up, saying no casually, clapping or nodding before saying no. All of these different interactions work differently with various individuals. But that doesn’t mean you need to say no to everyone you meet. Sometimes, characters come along who aren’t demanding things from you. They want to show you their games that they are (illegally) creating or share information about themselves to get to know you better. You can decide if you want to listen to them or just shout and move on.

This is where Say No More becomes more than just a funny game where you shout no and it breaks a wall. You’ll find that saying no, in loads of situations, is actually the best answer. Saying no when it comes to people messing up your food order or people telling you to smile or people telling you to work overtime is better than just shrugging it off and letting it go. When your friends start to say low things about themselves, saying no and reassuring them that they are funny and they are good people is actually better than saying nothing at all.

The power of saying no becomes a real key to this story, which is still a super funny one - I mean why would your boss steal your lunchbox and then escape to a strange skyscraper that overlooks a “buddy area” which just seems like a park for employees?

Say No More is a funny game - there are tons of small and large interactions that will make you laugh, from people’s reactions to you almost saying yes than saying no, to the fact that the CEO of this company seems obsessed with a unicorn lunch box. But, with all of this humour, there is an ever-present message that saying no is okay. Saying no is powerful, important, and can really help not only you but those around you.

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