In today’s world, how do you light up the dark? Emoak’s light-based puzzler takes players into an illuminating world of colour and light. With its minimalist gameplay and an emotional stirring soundtrack, Lyxo is a breathtaking work of art that surprises at every turn.

Players will need to use rays of light in order to explore and uncover the mysteries of the dark. The journey is not without obstacles, as you’ll be tasked to create new sources of light, avoid things that get in your way, and mix and match different colours to light up your targets. The goal may seem simple enough, but the 87 levels handcrafted with love will no doubt keep players entertained with clean but striking visuals.

Lyxo also features a Bauhaus-inspired design that’s exhilarating in its minimalism. The same Vienna-based independent game studio is behind the sandbox game Machinaero on iOS and the infinite climbing game Paper Climb, as founded in 2014 by Tobias Sturn.

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Playing with light and shadow has never been this unique. You can try this innovative puzzler right now for iOS and Android with a one-off purchase of £3.09.