When it comes to mobile games, there use to be the feeling that you could never get computer-quality graphics on such a small device. Luckily, technology always evolves, and now you can find some beautiful, stunning, breathtaking games being released on your phones and tablets! There are still quite a big number of games that don’t hit the “visually pleasing” target, but with so many beautiful titles out there, it doesn’t make sense to not highlight them! That's why we've brought together this list of the best looking, new mobile games of 2020.

We have looked at many, many, many games this year and have found some truly beautiful games that both look amazing and play well. Some of these games have absolutely amazing graphics, some of them utterly ooze style, but the one thing that they all have in common is that their beauty has stuck in our mind. These games have amazing graphics, some of which go toe-to-toe with what you’d expect on PC, and they showcase the best of what mobile games can look like. We have quite a few beauties picked out for you - so do check them out yourself!

So, click on the big blue button below in order to find out what are, in our opinion, the best looking mobile games of 2020.