Although 2020 was mostly a train wreck, the impressive lineup of mobile games released throughout the year was undoubtedly a bright spot. No matter your gaming preference, odds are you'll find a mobile game that caters to your tastes.

That makes it difficult to put together a Top 5 List, as so many games are deserving of inclusion on this list. However, after looking back at all the titles I've installed this year – and which ones consumed most of my play time – there were a few that stood out from the pack.

Here are my favorite mobile games of 2020, in no particular order.

Harry Potter: Puzzles & Spells

Despite being a fairly straight copy of Candy Crush, there's something endearing about this match-3 puzzler. Maybe it's the authentic audio, pulled directly from the films. Maybe it's the early bonds I formed with my Club, trading tips and pushing each other onto the next level. Or maybe it's my deep-rooted love for all things Harry Potter. Regardless, the amount of my time Puzzles & Spells consumed is downright staggering – and I don't expect that trend to die down in 2021.

There's also an impressive amount of unlockable content, keeping you glued to your screen and working towards the next unlockable spell or pet. Zynga did a fantastic job introducing new events throughout the year, too, with seasonal events offering unique spins on the traditional formula and bringing iconic characters to the small screen. Its combination of polished gameplay, great use of the Harry Potter franchise, and community engagement easily made it one of my favorite games of the year.