Christmas time is coming, which means that it’s time to start thinking about presents! Presents are a huge part of Christmas, though it can be hard to think of exactly what to get gamers - especially gamers who enjoy a variety of games! Fear not, however, we have put together a little list of gifts that you should really consider for those who need a gaming-related gift.

For those of you who don't frequent these halls, we here at Pocket Gamer specialise in devices that you can store in your pocket (yes, we agree that the Nintendo Switch might be a bit big for the average pocket) - that means that most of this article will be dedicated to ideas and gifts based off of games that you'll normally find on Android or iOS devices. As a note, we do include tablets in that, so it's not just based around games that you can play on your phones - although most of them are.

We've tried to keep the list nice and succinct, it's easy to prattle on with these things, especially now that you can effectively run both PC and Xbox games on your phone (through the Steam Link and Xbox Game Pass apps respectively) and now that Nintendo has brought a lot of their biggest games over to mobile there's even further blurring of the lines.

Whether they love playing a variety of games or enjoy a few select games, the gifts on this list fit well for everyone, but especially. if they're a fan of handheld consoles or playing games on their phones. Do go on and have a look!