Super Fowlst 2 is a great follow-up to the original game, perfect if you're still longing for the opportunity to be a deadly chicken, with the simple goal of destroying demons. Take flight and go through the levels, each giving off some classic arcade vibes. Each room-type features several different demons to conquer. 

Once you defeat them all, you can head to the next area. The challenge will slowly get tougher but not at too steep a pace. You'll still feel like the dominant little chicken that you are. The only catch is that you get only have your three lives to get through as many levels as possible.

This is similar to several other games such as Downwell which has a similar run-based approach. The good thing is that whatever you find is yours to keep. So there's no losing your goodies. But, this is a great fast-paced game, and flying sky high and dropping on demons is quite satisfying. Here are some tips to help you prolong your epic poultry-powered rampage.