Final Fantasy VII Remake looks incredible, let's be honest. This is one of the best looking games to come to any platform, and the moments it recreates from the original game are crafted with so much love and detail that it's hard not to get nostalgic, even if you've never actually the original.

But it's not all perfect. Far from it. Anything reimagining of a classic is going to be met with some push back from fans, and the Final Fantasy VII Remake is no different. Things have been changed here, added, filled out, and made much, much longer. It takes hours to get through the first couple of bombing runs in Final Fantasy VII Remake, while it takes mere moments to set the second bomb in the original game.

Now, it adds a lot of great content that fans are sure to adore, but it also adds nonsense, long tunnels, and ounces of padding to fill out the experience. It's nice to finally be able to explore Midgar, but who knew they would purposely make it a tedious experience?

That sounds more negative than it should because Final Fantasy VII Remake still has a lot to offer any gamer. But if you want the true experience, you need to see the original that everyone celebrates, and wouldn't you know it, you can play it on both iOS and Android devices right now.

Here are five key reasons that you should play the original Final Fantasy VII on mobile devices instead of the new Final Fantasy VII Remake.

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